Escape rooms wellington

our most fun but most difficult escape room


The time machine escape room at Escape Rooms Wellington can be described as our most fun but also most difficult escape game.

Zarg has conquered all but half of the  universe. The Time Agency have sent your team of new space cadets on a top secret mission.

The Time agency  think that Zarg has miniaturised the Storr Galaxy. It’s your job to go in and try and save the Storr Galaxy .

The is a tricky sci fi adventure escape room.

The Time Machine can be played as a Team Challenge escape ,

as we have 2 identical versions of this room.

Each room can take between up to  6 players .

So teams of up to 12 can take part in this escape adventure as a Team Challenge.


This is a great room for out there for any sci-fi fans. There are a few Doctor Who references in the room and lots of technology. The room  is filled with lots of cool electronic tricks. Mostly this is just a fun room. It has a great 80’s soundtrack and has plenty of laughs and tiny jump scares. It is definitely our hardest escape room but ironically , we think it’s our most fun escape room. This is not a room that we recommend to 2 people of have never played an escape room before . Major Klopp’s Revenge would be better suited to that.

This is an escape room that you will appreciate more if you have done one or two escape rooms before. So we leave it up to you to decide when you want to play it.