the back story....

The  KIwi Secret Service (K.I.S.S), has been picking up a lot of internet chatter about something called Operation Beehive.

They currently have a suspected foreign secret agent under surveillance. A recent Russian immigrant, Mikalov Plott  is supposedly running a small Eastern European travel agency , Iron Curtain Tourz and Travel, in Wellington’s CBD. 

K.I.S.S suspect that Plott maybe one of Russia’s most deadly cold war spies, the legendary Major Plott. 

 K.I.S.S are looking for teams of secret agents to visit the travel agency and see if they can uncover anything untoward.

They will try to lure Mikalov Plott out of his office for an hour to let your team get in and see whats really going on at Iron Curtain Tourz and Travel.

If you think that your team has what it takes to discover what Operation Beehive is and bring the secret plans back to K.I.S.S., then book your mission now.

N.B. Operation Beehive , is a Kiwi version, of our  very popular UK escape room, Major Plott’s Revenge  which has been run in Scotland and Ireland over the last 7 years.

 We have 3 copies of this room.  It’s perfect escape room for for all ages.

Each room can take from 2 to 7 players.

So up to 21 players can play this escape game as a team challenge or team building exercise. It is perfect for birthday parties and  Christmas Work events.

N.B. up until 23rd November 2021, only 2 teams of up to 7 people can play at the same time. After that date 21 people can play in 3 teams of up to 7 players.

Special features of operation Beehive

escape rooms wellington major klopp's revenge

Originally this was a classic first generation escape room. It was designed over 6 years ago when escape room designers had very little access to any electronic tech.

Major Plott’s Revenge was the top escape room in Edinburgh for over 2 years where it played in 3 rooms. In Belfast , it was the top game for over 2 1/2 years where it also played in 3 rooms. It was the first escape room in the UK where  teams could play the same escape room in the same venue and do a “team challenge”

We are proud to bring this escape game to Wellington. We intend to run it in 3 rooms to begin with. Its a great room to introduce people to escape games. We have added  a few  bit of electronic tech over the years just to keep it up to date.

The set is very authentic escape room with lots of props brought over from eastern Europe, which adds authenticity and atmosphere to this cold war classic escape room.