Teenage Birthday Parties Wellington

Escape Rooms Wellington is a great idea for  fun teenage birthday parties in Wellington City Centre.

Escape rooms are one of the most popular teenage  birthday activities.

One problem for parents is that escape rooms can be a relatively expensive birthday activity.

Some escape rooms charge $45 per person. 

The great news for you is  that we have set our prices at  $28pp . We are happy to drop this to teenage parties that are booked Sunday to Friday. On Saturdays we charge $28 pp for under 16’s. That’s still a good bit cheaper than most other escape rooms in town. 

Our escape rooms can take up to 8 players in the one room.

If you have more than 8 people , we have 2 identical rooms so that larger groups can take part in a team challenge.. ie if you have 10 players, they can split into 2 teams 5 vs 5 and challenge the other team to see who escapes first.

Our new Wizard style escape room Quest for The Magic Wand is sure to be popular with teenagers looking to play an esape room in Wellington,, but please note this is in a smaller space and so 6 is the maximum number of players that we will allow in that escape room.

As we are a city centre based activity and  we are surrounded by many restaurants, we have decided to concentrate on providing escape rooms . That means while we don’t offer any catering choices, there are plenty of restaurants close to us where you can choose to have pizza etc afterwards.

If you have a 12 or 13 year old party , then we really need an adult present in the room just to keep things jogging along.

14yo+ teenage birthday parties should be fine without adults.

We really don’t suggest any younger than 12yo parties. We get a lot of requests for 10 year old birthday parties and we feel that this just isnt an activity that is suitable for a group of 10 year olds. 

We get a lot of 10 year old and younger kids joining in with the rest of the family in escape rooms and really enjoy the experience. They tend to have fun finding and searching for things, with the adults doing the thinking and working things out.

A group of 10 year olds just wont be able to work out the logical problems presented by an escape room. Its better to get them to wait until they are a little bit older , or bring them along with the rest of the family.

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1. Our price of $25 per person is probably one of the cheapest BIRTHDAY  activities that you can book in Central Wellington.

2. Our CITY CENTRE location is EXCELLENT  if you are planning to go to some city  restaurants before or afterwards. 

We are located at 118 TORY STREET.

The  restaurants on Courtenay Place are only 3/4 minutes walk down the hill on Tory Street. Cuba Street is only 5 minutes walk along Vivien Street.

3. Our escape room adventure  will take around about 80 minutes from your party arriving to leaving. So its will definitely give you more value for money than a lot of similar priced activities that will be over in 20 or 30 minutes.

4. Our escape rooms require no physical activity so they are suitable for everybody in your team . 

5. Saturdays are very busy, so we have to keep quite close to the schedule you see online. Other days are much quieter , so we can be more flexible with starting times on those days.

6. We take group BOOKINGS WITHOUT DEPOSITS. However , we ask you to confirm your final numbers 2 weeks before your booking and pay for the booking in full a week before. There is no problem if you cancel or change your numbers. 2 weeks gives us plenty of time to sell the slots. 

6. This is a FUN ACTIVITY, perfect for teenage birthday parties. Splitting your group  into 2 or 3 teams and each team doing the same game is the best way to enjoy escape rooms. As soon as the teams enter the rooms, the race is on. There are lots of little fun moments and electronic tricks and surprises in our games. One thing that happens time and time again is that if someone has visited a really good escape room and want you to do it too, they NEVER tell you exactly what they did . They wont want to spoil any of the surprises for you . If you do a team challenge with us, all of the team will be able to talk freely with each other about what they did , after the event, because they will all have played exactly the same game, in parallel rooms. So that keeps the whole group talking for the rest of the day/ evening.

The best way to book is to give us a call and have a chat about any logistics that may be involved.

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