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We run escape rooms in the UK for over 6 years before moving to  Kylie’s home city of Wellington just before Covid in March 2020 . .

It took us over a year to get our escape room stuff shipped over from the UK and find a suitable city centre venue in Wellington CBD, but we are pretty excited to be getting involved in a new project in New Zealand.

We have brought over the same games that we have been running in Edinburgh and Belfast.  We  have managed to receive 878 5 star Tripadvisor reviews over the span of our escape room owners careers. So although it may seem that we are new to Wellington, we are in fact veteran escape room owners.

As well as being veteran escape room owners, we are also veteran escape room enthusiasts. We have each completed over 350 escape rooms all over the world in such far flung places as  Greece, Czech Republic, Poland , Spain, France , UK , NZ , Oz, Lithuania, etc.

So if you want to come in and talk escape rooms , feel free to come in and have a chat. We are always up for talking about and comparing escape rooms , as well as hearing other peoples tips about amazing escape rooms that they have done.

Thats a bit about us.

We hope to see you soon.

Steve and Kylie