diamond heist escape room wellington

Over 100 years ago, Prince Nalwadhi found the world’s biggest diamond in the world.

Shortly after discovering the diamond, he and the diamond mysteriously dissappeared. Never to be seen again.

Bugsy The Hat , the world’s greatest diamond thief believes that he knows where the diamond is hidden. 

It is your job to find the diamond and then steal it.

This game is trickier than Operation Beehive and as such we dont reccomend that you choose to play this game if it is your first game.

Does your team have what it takes to crack the find the secrets hidden in this atmospheric escape room ?

the story...

The Diamond Heist at Escape Rooms wellington is a perfect Team Challenge escape room.

Bugsy The Hat has employed your team of international jewel thieves to break into  Prince Nalwadi’s palace and steal the biggest diamond in the world. 

Can your team   crack the secret codes hidden in the chamber and find his famous diamond ?

The Diamond Heist is a brilliant adventure escape room that is great as a team building game. We have copies  of this room.

Each room can take between 2 – 7 players .

It’s reat for team challenge escape games. 


diamond heist escape room wellington

We dont like to go in too much detail about what you should expect in any our our escape rooms. We think it should pretty much go in blind and expect the unexpected. However , we can tell you that it’s set in an Indian Maharajah’s chamber so you can expect a fair bit of Indian decoration.

No diamond heist escape game would be complete without a laser maze defending the diamond in some way. We dont want to give away any secrets but it will soon become apparent that The Diamond Heist does include a laser maze. The winning team photos wont be able to hide that feature.

Looking at the team photos you might be forgiven for thinking that this was a laser tag game. It’s not though, only 10 minutes at most are spent in a laser chamber. 

One thing to note is that only 2 members of your team actually have to complete the physical part of the laser maze.

Everyone can have a go, but if you are worried about the game being overly physical , leave that part to the ones with lithe young bodies. You can supply the smarts.