Quest for The Magic Wand
Most Kid Friendly
Escape Room in Wellington

Grimsvale School of Sorcery is under investigation by the Wizarding Council. There are rumours that someone at the school has possession of the legendary Magic Wand belonging to the Dark Lord. 

Your team is being sent there to help their top agent see if the wand exists and help him steal it.

Are your team up for this mission?

We have spent the best part of a year putting together this escape room. We are recommending 2 to 6 players. 

The emphasis is on fun props. We have tried to make this as kid friendly as possible, but remember a bunch of 10 year olds simply wont be able to do an escape room on their own.

Even a group of 12 year old’s  will probably still need an adult.

It’s a very fun filled escape room, that should appeal to everyone, even those who don’t like Harry Potter or the wizarding world. This is definitely not a Harry Potter escape room but  it is the   most magic escape room in Wellington.