Escape Room Wellington

Our  Wellington escape rooms are a great fun activity to escape  the real world for a couple of hours and let groups of families, friends and workmates, have some  fun quality time  together .

Escape Rooms Wellington   is one of the best fun indoor activities in Wellington.

escape room wellington enter a new world



in Wellington City Centre


Grimsvale School of Sorcery is under investigation by the Wizarding Council. There are rumours that someone at the school has possession of the legendary Magic Wand belonging to the Dark Lord. 

Your team is being sent there to help their top agent see if the wand exists and help him steal it.

Are your team up for this mission?

We have spent the best part of a year putting together this escape room. We are recommending 2 to 6 players. 


The Kiwi Secret Service is hearing a lot of internet chatter about something called Operation Beehive. They think that someone might be planning  to blow up the Beehive. You and your team have been selected to go into the lair of one of the world’s most deadly spy’s  and see if you can steal the spies secret plan before it is too late.

Available for head to head team challenges for up to 14ppl over the 2 rooms. 


Bring your spy hats and bomb disposal skills.


Over 100 years ago, Prince Nalwadhi found the world’s biggest diamond in the world.Shortly after discovering the diamond, he and the diamond mysteriously disappeared. Never to be seen again. 

Bugsy The Hat , the world’s greatest diamond thief believes that he knows where the diamond is hidden. 

It is your job to find the diamond and then steal it.

2 to 7 players.


Based on 123 reviews
Jack de Lima
Jack de Lima
Staff were friendly and a delight to talk to, the room (Steal the Magic Wand) was challenging but enjoyable with some of the most mechanically impressive and imaginative puzzles I've seen in a long time. Highly recommend, will absolutely be going again.
George Milne
George Milne
Amazing staff, really passionate about Escape Rooms, which shows in how the rooms are constructed and well throughout. Quest for the Magic Wand is a must play! Really fun and technical puzzles!
H Molloy
H Molloy
Room was a blast; lots of great hands-on puzzles and well-established atmosphere. Staff were lovely as well, very friendly and passionate about what they do.
Graeme Wooller
Graeme Wooller
A fun one hour of adventure and lots of team lateral thinking. Highly recommended.
Laura Jessen
Laura Jessen
My daughter (12) and I visited in the school holidays and booked the Beehive escape room. It was excellent - the puzzles were very challenging and original, and their clues were personalised and very helpful. We’ve done a lot of escape rooms around New Zealand and this was one of the best. I asked my daughter what her favourite part was and she said how nice the staff member was who was working that day, and “the TV” which is how the hints are delivered when you get a little stuck - I agree! We’ll definitely be back next time we’re in Wellington!
Catherine McLeavey
Catherine McLeavey
Fantastic event for my daughters 14th bday
Lani Richards
Lani Richards
Great fun! Challenging without making you feel stupid, we only had to use one clue. Completed in 40 minutes, easy to work as a team. Highly reccomend.
Steve MacDougall
Steve MacDougall
My daughter and I did the Beehive Experience. What an awesome game!! We had so much fun cracking the codes, finding puzzles, deciphering clues and uncovering secrets. There was a couple of jump scares which made us laugh. Lots of really cool surprises and even though it was tough, the tips provided was just enough to keep the momentum without giving too much away. It was the highlight to our Welly trip and we'd definitely recommend. We will come back and try a different game. So cool, a really unique experience.
Shin Jones
Shin Jones
We had such a great time doing the Diamond Heist today that we decided to do another escape room the same day. We went to Escape Masters and compared to Escape Rooms Wellington, it was a massive let down. Escape Rooms Wellington is hands down the best escape room in Wellington. They have participated in over 700 escape rooms all over the world and definitely know what puzzles are most fun and how to run a quality game. The staff there are awesome, cannot recommend more We will definitely be returning as soon as there next room is done.

Escape Rooms Wellington for Team Building

Whether you are a small team of 4/5 or a bigger group of 20/30,  escape rooms are a great way of challenging your team. Our escape rooms will give your teams a fun challenge in a safe environment. That  should get everyone in the office  talking  to each other, before and after your team building event. Like we say, escape room challenges are not designed to be  Rocket Science. Your team should have fun and all be back at the office  safely after lunch.


Team Building that is fun,
not Rocket Science.

Birthday Parties at Escape Rooms Wellington

Escape Rooms Wellington has become one of the most popular activities for birthday parties in Wellington. 

We would stress the words, birthday activities , here.

We don’t have a party room full of balloons where everyone can eat birthday cake. People usually do their game with us and head on to a pub or restaurant etc for the birthday celebrations.

Teenage birthday escape room parties have become extremely popular. We don’t recommend our escape room for groups under 12 years old. Even groups of 12/13 year olds usually require a bit of adult help.

Escape Rooms are not just popular for children’s birthday activities, plenty of adult birthday parties now include escape rooms as the main  activity. 

Our most popular age for birthday team challenges last month was 50th birthday parties. 

Wellington Escape Room


  1. We can take up to 30 ppl per session.
  2. Cost is $30pp so long as there are at least 5 ppl in a room. ($35pp if less than 5ppl.)
  3. We will have 2 Operation Beehive Rooms and one Diamond Heist and one Quest for The Magic Wand rooms available.
  4. You can book now , with NO DEPOSIT. We will ask you to pay $90 deposit per room , 10 days before your booking.
  5. Budget 80 minutes from arriving to leaving.
  6. It is suitable for all ages . No physical activity is necessary. The rooms are not small. No one will feel claustrophobic.
  7. Phone 021 227 9255 to book or ask any questions.

Escape room games are a sort of live version of the crystal maze.

You have to go into a themed escape room.

Then you are given a mission which you have to complete within 60 minutes or escape.

We watch the games on cctv.

If the teams get stuck for too long, we can give them clues into the room via a tv screen.

It’s fun and exciting.

Our diamond heist escape rooms take between 2 and 7 players.

Operation Beehive escape games can take 2 to 8 players in the BIG room. 2-6 players in the medium room.

Because we have 2 Operation Beehive rooms, you can do all of these rooms as Escape Room Team Challenges, both teams having exactly the same puzzles to try and  figure out.


Our new escape room, Quest for the Magic Wand is smaller and can take 6ppl maximum.

The maximum in any big group at one time would be 30ppl .

No.  Because all of our games are private games.

Groups of children 14 years and over can play without adult supervision. Younger children can be okay as part of a family group. 

The actual games will take around 60 minutes but its best to

 budget 90 minutes start to finish for the entire experience.


Some Escape Rooms Wellington useful info

Individual games are great for between 2 and 8 player teams depending on the game/ escape  room size., but as we have 4 escape rooms, we can accommodate up to 30 players in each session. 

Escape Rooms Wellington is located right in the city centre so it’s a great venue for starting any social / work outing. 

The best bars and restaurants in New Zealand are literally on our doorstep.

If you are thinking of doing some team building in Wellington, then it’s a good idea 

to contact us before hand.

We can then give you an idea of what you can expect to get out of 

using our escape rooms as a team building activity.

The main word that keeps coming out of our reviews , again and again, is FUN.

Just fill in the form with your query and we will get back to you ASAP.

All about escape rooms

Escape rooms are live adventure games , usually designed for 4 to 5 players in a team.

The team is given a mission or goal at the start of the game and a time limit in which to accomplish their goal.

The escape room or series of rooms, will be themed to suit the adventure. 

At Escape Room Wellington, you could be transported into a deadly spy’s  lair. Then you might have to  attempt to thwart his deadly revenge plan.

 Your team  might have to uncover the hidden mysteries of an Indian Maharajah’s secret chamber.  

Then your team attempt to steal the biggest diamond in the world. 

Maybe you will be wizards trying to steal the legendary Magic Wand.


Hopefully you get the idea..


then the escape room fun starts as the clock ticks down...

Our games are monitored on cctv and games masters are able to transmit  clues to the teams through tv screens when the team gets stuck for too long. 

As time ticks away, pressure mounts and the game usually ends with teams frantically trying to find the last few clues in the dying minutes.

 Its exciting and fun and definitely requires teamwork. 

Escape rooms are great fun, and that’s why we say that this one of the best fun activities in  Wellington City  Centre.

You can have a look at Wikipedia’s Escape Room page if you want to fins out a bit more about the history of escape rooms.



* We have discounts for larger groups. Please look at our group pricing pages.