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Our rooms

up to 50 people per session

Escape Rooms Wellington

is a brand new escape room experience located directly in Wellington City Centre.

Every escape room of ours is great fun for between 2 and 7 people.

 They are great fun  for  any group event. 

Great fun for birthday parties, family outings, hens and brilliant for team building.

We have duplicated each room , so our escape rooms are great for

 team challenges and particularly good for team building. 

Team challenges are really popular with work outings, team building events , 

hen and stag parties and more increasingly kids birthday parties.

We would recommend a minimum age of 12 years for  any teams that dont 

have adults in them as our escape rooms are tricky enough.

Frequently Asked Questions


Escape room games are a sort of live version of the crystal maze.

You have to go into a themed escape room.

Then you are given a mission which you have to complete within 60 minutes or escape.

We watch the games on cctv.

If the teams get stuck for too long, we can give them clues into the room via a tv screen.

It’s fun and exciting.

ESCAPE ROOMs wellington ?

Our diamond heist escape rooms take between 2 and 7 players.

Major Plott escape games can take 2 to 6 players.

Our Time Machine rooms take between 2 and 6 players.

Because we have duplicates of all of the above escape rooms, you can do all of these rooms as Escape Room Team Challenges.

The maximum in any big group at one time would be 50ppl 

at Escape Rooms Wellington.

Will there be other people put into your room ?

No.  Because all of our games are private games.


Groups of children 12 years and over can play without adult supervision. Younger children can be okay as part of a family group. 


The actual games will take around 60 minutes but its best to

 budget 90 minutes start to finish for the entire experience.

Escape rooms are a relatively new concept in New Zealand , so don’t be worried about asking us questions. Individual games are great for between 2 and 6 player teams, but as we have 8 escape rooms, we can accommodate up to 50 players in each session. 

Escape Room Wellington is located right in the city centre so it’s a great venue for starting any social / work outing. The best bars and restaurants in New Zealand are literally on our doorstep.

If you are thinking of doing some team building in Wellington, then it’s a good idea 

to contact us before hand.

We can then give you an idea of what you can expect to get out of 

using our escape rooms as a team building activity.

The main word that keeps coming out of our reviews , again and again, is FUN.

Just fill in the form with your query and we will get back to you ASAP.

Are your rooms just like escape mate?

Escape Mate were the first escape room company to set up in Wellington a few years ago. They were actually one of the first escape room companies to start up in 

New Zealand. Like Escape mate , we are located in Wellington City Centre.

Unlike Escape Mate, Escape Rooms Wellington has only one escape room venue. We can take up to 50ppl in each  session.

We can also offer Escape Room Team Challenges, where 2 teams can play exactly the same game in parallel escape rooms. The teams challenge esch other to see who can escape first. This is a dimension that adds a little bit of excitement to our games.

Are your rooms just like xcape ?

Xcape are the number one escape room company in Wellington on Tripadvisor.  Just like Xcape, our escape rooms are highly immersive. We have also created little worlds that you can also delve into and immerse yourself for an hour.

Like Xcape , you  have 60 minutes to complete your mission in our games and escape. If you liked any Xcape escape room, we are sure that you will also enjoy any escape room of ours

All about escape rooms

Escape rooms are live adventure games , usually designed for 4 to 5 players in a team. The team is given a mission or goal at the start of the game and a time limit in which to accomplish their goal. The escape room or series of rooms, will be themed to suit the adventure. 

At Escape Room Wellington, you could be transported into a Russian spies lair. Then you might have to  attempt to thwart his deadly revenge plan.

 Your team  might have to uncover the hidden mysteries of an Indian Maharajah’s secret chamber.  

Then your team attempt to steal the biggest diamond in the world. 

The evil emporer Zarg has minaturised the Storr Galaxy

Maybe your team  your team of time agents to go in and save the day.

Hopefully you get the idea..

then the fun starts as the clock ticks down...

Our games are monitored on cctv and games masters are able to transmit  clues to the teams through tv screens when the team gets stuck for too long. 

As time ticks away, pressure mounts and the game usually ends with teams frantically trying to find the last few clues in the dying minutes.

 Its exciting and fun and definitely requires teamwork. 

Escape rooms are great fun, and that’s why we say that this one of the best fun activities in Belfast City  Centre.

You can have a look at Wikipedia’s Escape Room page if you want to fins out a bit more about the history of escape rooms.