the back story....

Major Klopp was one of Russia’s top secret agent during the Cold War.  A Kiwi spy managed to infiltrate his spy ring.  His bosses found out , and he was imprisoned to a Siberian Jail. He spent 30 years doing hard labour, but he has managed to escape and has come to NZ looking for revenge.

He has tracked down the double agent who betrayed him , to Wellington.  He is seeking revenge not only on the aging spy but also on his home city. Will you be able to stop him ?

Major Klopp’s Revenge escape room can be played as a team challenge . We have 2 adjacent copies of this room.  It’s perfect for racing your friends or colleagues.

Each room can take up to 7 players.

So up to 14 players can play this escape game as a team challenge.

Special features of this escape room

This is a classic first generation escape room. It was designed over 6 years ago when escape room designers had very little access to any electronic tech.

It was the top escape room in Edinburgh for over 2 years where it played in 3 rooms. In Belfast , it was the top game for over 2 1/2 years where it also played in 3 rooms.

We are proud to bring this escape game to Wellington. We intend to run it in 3 or 4 rooms to begin with. Its a great room to introduce people to escape games. We have added a little bit of tech over the years just to keep it up to date.

The set is very authentic escape room with lots of props brought over from eastern Europe.